Homemade Almond Milk


Almond Milk 1

Despite popular debate over the benefits/safety of drinking alternative milks, I am still a strong advocate for non-dairy substitutions.

Almond Milk

This was surprisingly easy and I feel it’s one of those things you’ve just gotta try a few times to find what works for you and the supplies you were able to obtain.


• Cheesecloth

• Blender

• Water


• 1 c Soaked Almonds

• Vanilla

• Cinnamon

• Honey or soaked, pitted dates or both


  1. Soak Almonds –place 1 c organic almonds in a container

                – add enough filtered water to cover the almonds

*skinned almonds works better, but mine worked just fine with the skin on

*I soaked my almonds for 4 days total, which is way too long! I kept forgetting to buy a cheesecloth, so procrastination was kind of taking control… anyways, at day four, i bought a cheesecloth and finally got to it.

*The almonds absorbed the water and got all puffy, which I thought was really cool! I had no idea about soaking nuts/beans, which is apparently really important and allows the body to digest them better.

  1. Cover the container with a towel to keep the bugs out

*the first time I did this, I used almonds from the bulk bin at Sprouts, and let me just get this out there, DO NOT BUY BULK FROM SPROUTS. I was always a bit skeptical about that place, but grew quite fond of it as it is close to my house and very cheap. Well, now I know why it’s so cheap! Whenever I soaked my almonds, within a couple hours, there was mold and a bunch of fruit flies all over it! Ugh! Needless to say, I started over with organic almonds from the bulk bin at Kroger, which is the best alternative I’ve found so far to the more expensive “health” places.

  1. After soaking for a day or twodrain almonds & place in blender, add 2 cups of filtered water, and blend until everything is the same consistency.

*in almost all of the recipes I read, they said to blend for a couple minutes until the solution becomes a thick consistency, but, mine never got chunky… maybe I soaked them for too long, but it came out very nice!

  1. Pour through your cheesecloth into another container
  2. Repeat a couple times until your almond mylk looks drinkable!
  3. End up with the mixture back in your blender & add 1 tsp vanilla, about 5 soaked & pitted dates, honey (optional)


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