Vegan Raw Chocolate + Health Benefits


The health benefits of raw chocolate are amazing:

– antioxidants [mainly flavonoids]

– cancer fighting

– cardiovascular [healthy heart]

*contains caffeine & threobromine, which are stimulants so eat in moderation.

In addition to the amazing health benefits, it’s incredibly easy to make & only took 10 minutes to prepare.

Raw Chocolate


1 c melted refined coconut oil or Shea butter 

1 c maple syrup or any sweetener

1.25  c cacao powder

additions – ginger slices, raisins, blueberries, chia seeds, pepitas, cranberries, coconut flakes anything you want


1. melt coconut oil – do not microwave; I boiled water and put the coconut oil jar in the pan until it was all liquid

2. add maple syrup

3. while stirring, add cacao powder

4. freeze

5. enjoy when frozen!

*it melts pretty fast outside, so it must be eaten right away! but the cool part is that if it does melt, simply refreeze it!

recipe adapted from therawtarian

I put ginger slices, raisins, cranberries, & honey in this one:

Raw chocolate

Raw chocolate

YUM! Enjoy 😀


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