ACV Drink – Immune Booster + Allergy Kicker


ACV Drink

I’ve seen this drink shape-shifting all over Pinterest, but I thought an

additional post about it wouldn’t hurt to get the word out.

Plus, everyone’s modifications are always cool to try… see what works for you!

This drink is amazing in it’s health benefits and I’m so lucky to have found something

that actually works for my allergies! The benefits of ACV are endless

and I will post about that later on…


• Boiled water + thumb of ginger
• 1-2 tsp ACV
• 3-4 big shakes of cinnamon
• 1 pinch of cayenne pepper (optional)
• big glob of honey


1. Boil water + ginger

2. Add ACV, cinnamon, honey, and cayenne pepper

3. Mix and enjoy


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