Abundance: Salad + Potatoes + Curried Mushrooms


Today I finally did it. I’ve truly been slacking with my yoga practice. Even more with my meditation.

I caught myself saying:

“I need to…” “I should….”

So, I decided to change those phrases to:

“I will…” “I am….”

I began my day with my all-time favorite class by Kathryn Budig on Yogaglo, called, “Better than Coffee.”

I did this class every morning for an entire semester in Spring of 2013, which was my most successful semester ever! Straight A’s, clean house/bathroom, I even cleaned my car once a week, I juiced everyday, yoga daily – I was on track and I had it all, but life happens and we tend to forget that  having some sort of a routine is crucial to success, in all aspects of this life.

Yes, it’s amazing to switch it up in yoga and to try new things (I’m all about exploring), but when I was doing the same class everyday, I saw true, honest progress in myself, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Yoga truly does align all three of those areas.

I think this is a very important, yet simple, “task” to incorporate into daily life.

I was regulated, in a sense, and my life felt under control.

So today, I decided I’m going to get regulated again, but maintain a steady balance throughout all of the repetition!

After yoga, I felt the Bliss!

2014-12-12 03.41.19

Bliss – perfect happiness; great joy.

It’s been a minute, Bliss.

Yoga was followed by this mindfulness meditation by Peter Renner that I’ve been practicing.

(www.doyogawithme.com is free!)

Today was the third time I’ve done it.

I am still learning to shake off the sleepiness, but I felt like I had made progress afterwards. I was definitely more mindful, centered, calm, and focused, which is major for me. I am usually scatter-brained and doing a million things at once, which can become very stressful!

After all of that amazing-ness, I ate a popsicle.

2015-06-08 14.43.19


These popsicles were ridiculously easy to make! You can find out how I made them here if you don’t know already!

And then I made lunch…


Abundance salad + curried mushrooms + cilantro + tea + water

Today’s lunch was delicious! 

– Mixed greens + cucumber + tomato + radish + sugar snap peas

– Tricolored potatoes – boiled, sauteed in grapeseed oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and fresh basil

– Curried mushrooms + purple onions

– Yerba mate

– Lemon + mint water



I love curried mushrooms! I randomly tried to make it one day and found that it is fairly simple! These are not vegan, unless you’ve got ghee or some other butter alternative. So here’s how I made the curried mushrooms using this cashew milk I made yesterday.

Curried mushrooms



Purple onions


1 TBS Butter / vegan butter alternative (ghee?)

Oil – I used grapeseed oil

Cashew milk (any milk will do I’m sure)

Curry powder

Garam Marsala


Garlic Powder

Salt & pepper


1. Drizzle oil in pan on low/medium heat

2. Add ~1/4″ of butter

3. Add spices

4. Add cashew milk and stir

5. Quickly add the mushrooms and purple onions

6. Saute everything for a couple of minutes until the mushrooms are at the tenderness level you like

7. Serve with cilantro, enjoy!


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