Homemade Cashew Milk


Cashew Milk 1

It’s ridiculously easy & so cheap to make your own cashew milk.

These two pints of cashew milk cost me less than $4!!! 

Cashew milk is a great alternative to 

regular cow’s milk. It is more easily

digested and it tastes like cashews.

It’s so variable and you can adjust it 

however you like to taste.

When you make your cashew milk, it can be made really thin and light like

silk milk or it can be thick and creamy, which is how mine turned out to be.

It’s nearly as thick as full fat milk. It’s just a matter of how much water you

use to dilute the cashews and what you plan to use it for.

For instance, I kept mine thick because I planned to use it for cooking and

baking. Also, if I ever decide to drink a glass of it, I can just dilute it with

more water. It’s so versatile; however, I feel like I won’t even finish these two

pints myself since I practically live alone, so consider the amount of heads in your household as well!

You can also make your cashew milk sweet by adding a natural sweetener, such as:

• soaked/pitted dates + water

• maple syrup

• honey

• coconut sugar / cane sugar – although I wouldn’t do this myself, I see it as an option for those who aren’t too scared to add sugar to anything

The possibilities are endless!

Cashew Milk

Cashew milk

[ gluten free • dairy free • vegan ]

Here is an amazing guide to nut-milks! Every question I’ve ever had about

alternative milks can be found in this article.

Time: to soak = 1-2 hours   |     to blend = 2 minutes

Makes: a little over 2 pints


1 c soaked organic cashews

3 c filtered water


1. Soak cashews in 1 c of water (2 hours was sufficient)

2. Drain & rinse cashews

3. Add cashews to blender, add 2 cups of filtered water

4. Blend

* optional – can add a sweetener (dates + water / maple syrup / honey)


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