Eat a Rainbow – high vibrations & some root chakra analysis


Today was a good day.
I ate a rainbow.
And I introduced two beautiful plants into my home, a second basil plant and second rosemary.
The basil and rosemary I already have is planted in my mini patio garden, along with green onions, cilantro, strawberries, and ginger.
However, there is barely any growth!

So I thought, I’ll  just buy new ones and keep them separate. That way I am guaranteed to have some herbs on hand when I move out in the fall!
Plus, these are perfect because they’re already comfortable in their own cute container.

I really enjoy eating my meals while immersing in nature, so when I’m home, I like to eat with my plants.
I believe this could possibly be raising my vibration along with the rainbows I’ve been eating. Or maybe, I just believe in it so much that it actually works!
Whatever it may be, I feel great afterwards and just a little bit more connected with nature, with mother earth, with the divine.


So vibrant and bright.

I’ve become more in tune with higher frequencies, which makes sense because I know for certain that I am not investing most of my energy in the lower three chakras anymore. I’ve realized that most people are dragging their feet whilst expending all of their energy in the lower energy centers.

For example, the first chakra at the perineum has to do with (in the most simple terms) security, feeling secure in all situations, and roots, feeling grounded and stable and strong. A friend of mine didn’t grow up so well in his mind. He had an unstable mother and an even more unstable home. Every time he is asked a question, a simple yes or no type of question, the defensive qualities of insecurity and instability overtake his thoughts and judgement, and suddenly, you feel like you’re in a life threatening debate. It’s almost unbearable, but a cry for help to say the least and I must recognize this. I can see the desperation in his eyes, the longing for a mother figure, as well as his “I’m a genuinely  happy person” front, which are all consequences of focusing all of his energy on his PROBLEMS and DESIRES.
The Buddhist teachings could not be more spot on with the phenomenon of suffering: desire is the root of all suffering.

He’s probably desired a mother ever since childhood, but he can’t see that he’s fully immersed in the mother at all times. This is because he is partially blinded by the gateway to the higher energy centers.

So how do you help someone like this to see that they are all they need? How do you guide a person to fully accept their past?
I can hear Maharaji advising Ram Dass (Richard Alpert):

Maharaji – “Love everyone, Ram Dass.”
Ram Dass  – “I cant.”
Maharaji – “Love everyone.”

Basically, this translates into….
Just do it. Find your love. – But do so in a gentle, comforting way. We, as humans, tend to forget that the body can hear and it’s listening. It hears every thought and if that thought is an angry inner voice yelling at yourself to get your shit  together, then the body will respond with an inner battle and stress, which we all know is very damaging to inner peace and overall well-being.
When you think you can’t do it, can’t love your worst enemy, to every part of your being that objects, say, “I love that you feel so strongly; look how passionate you’ve become!” And show yourself some love first because there is probably some unfinished business with the self.

Once I learned healthy self-talk, I moved on to understanding everyone’s perspective. And it’s gotten quite easy, actually.
If I am speaking to someone, I literally imagine how I am coming off to that person – it’s such a trip, it’s like viewing myself through their eyes.
And at the same time, I’m looking at them on a soul-level. I’ve done this so much in the past year, that I ONLY see people’s eyes now.

When someone is wearing makeup, I see eyes covered in goo.
When someone is wearing all Moschino errrthang (like this picture I saw of who I believe is that iggy  chick), I see eyes and LABELS.

It’s something I like to call, the gift of transparency!

How do I know all of this? Because I have surpassed the discomfort of self consciousness and transformed it into the loving, welcoming arms of self awareness, which can be found within all of us. It’s crucial to give yourself the time to soul-search, which is quite literal. This translates into, “you must love yourself before you can love another.” This is as far back as my mind can go in terms of remembering the little things that stimulated my awakening.

Revert. Revert. Revert.
Back to the food.

Also pictured:
• my rainbow breakfast – strawberries, apricots, kumquats,  sugar snaps, kiwi, blueberries, purple grapes


• my refreshing lunch – cucumbers, purple onion, tomato, basil, cilantro, and a swig of white vinegar *one of my favorite meals is this one plus chickpeas or boiled eggs



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