Soft & Chewy Cinnamon Cookies


 cinnamon cookies  

I’ve been hunting for a super simple go-to cookie recipe for days and haven’t gotten too much luck, which I interpreted as a sign to experiment.

So I remembered my grandmas best sugar cookie recipe, which I have never attempted to recreate.

She’s definitely well known for these cookies, but unfortunately, they’re not the cleanest. It’s sad because they’re SO good, but they contain butter and sugar. I nearly caved and went for the butter, but I really wanted to pull through and decline to be content with what I know.  

My resolution: substitutes!  

cinnamon cookies  

I simply replaced the butter with avocado & the sugar with coconut sugar! There’s so many alternatives for butter and sugar, but that’s just what I had on hand. 

The conversion for the butter:

1 c of butter = ½ c avocado

I didn’t even do a conversion for the sugar, so I used the amount that the original recipe called for. 

cinnamon cookies    

I made half of them without a ton of cinnamon + sugar and half with a LOT. The ones with a LOT are really good and taste better than the plainer ones, in my opinion. 


Soft & Chewy Cinnamon Cookies


½ c mashed avocado

1.5 c coconut sugar

3 egg whites

2.75 c all purpose flour 

3 tsp baking powder (or 2 tsp cream of tartar + 1 tsp baking soda)

.25 tsp salt

3 TBS coconut sugar

2 TBS cinnamon


1. Set oven to 350

2. Mix avocado, 1.5 c sugar, and egg whites or eggsubstitute 

3. Mix the dry ingredients into the wet

4. Mix coconut sugar and cinnamon 

5. Roll dough in sugar+cinnamon mixture

6. Create shapes!

7. Bake and enjoy with a hot cup of masala chai and fruit 😀

 cookies, tea, and fruit 


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