Vibrant Veggie “Tacos”


Yesterday’s lunch was vibrant & nourishing,

packed with phytonutrients & high vibrations.

I spotted a gorgeous red cabbage at the market & I could not resist.

I must say it sparked some creative fire because once I got home, I was
inspired to learn all about cabbage, including the health benefits,
nutritional profile, how to select and store it, and how to prepare it!
This website is amazing if you have ever felt overwhelmed with the internet & would like a single, condensed article with everything you need to know about healthy foods to get started.

Despite all of my cabbage research, I still decided to stick with raw red
cabbage this time around because I needed it to be somewhat strong enough to act like a hard taco shell! Although, I believe steamed cabbage would work just as well. It’s a totally durable vegetable.

So I went on to prepare the filling with what I already had/just bought, which ended up including avocado, tomatoes, leftover roasted zucchini, jalapeños, steamed broccoli + kale, and red onions.

I love the vibrant colors! Only bummer was that I didn’t have a single yellow or orange vegetable anywhere, so I can’t say I ate a rainbow today… how tragic. To prevent anymore tragedies, next time I can add…

• orange bell peppers
• shredded carrots
• carrot juice to drink after my meal
• papaya banana smoothie
• sweet potatoes cubes

• yellow squash
• Lemon juice
• sliced yellow bell pepper
• yellow rice instead of white
• corn

Although I didn’t consume a rainbow, I felt like I had and I was full all day! Success.

Here’s the glorious set up:

You know it’s gonna be good when you end up having a photo shoot with your food :p

I also went to Good Will the other day to get some pots and while I was there I found these super cute plates (above) and this Japanese mug (below) for my new place. The plates and mug added up to less than $2! I love Good Will; I always find the cute stuff, muahaha.

Gah! It’s so cute.
& filled with black tea.
Holy caffeine.

I think it’s pretty self explanatory what I did with the filling and the cabbage “shell,” but just in case, here’s the order I put the filling in:
white rice first, kale, the big vegetables (broccoli, tomatoes, avocado,
zucchini) followed by the tiny vegetables (red onion, jalapeno) & herbs (cilantro).

The finished product:


Filled with nourishment & gratitude ❤

Does anyone have a favorite filling for vegan “tacos?”

I’m always up for suggestions.


Apartment Patio Garden Update

Container Garden




So much basil 🙂

It smells glorious.

Basil propagation worked!

All I did was pinch a top of a basil plant and put it in a shot glass of water by the window for a week.

There’s something so grounding about these new roots. It’s like a wave of certainty ensuring myself that the plant will survive.

I believe in you! 

I actually talk to my plants a lot :O

Also, a mini jalapeño fell off while I was smelling it! It was incredibly spicy and fresh.


Muahaha another propagation!

*Tip –  when cutting the top of the basil plant make sure to leave enough room for roots & gently scrape the end of the stem where the new roots will emerge.

Purple Basil

Currently working on getting some roots from my purple basil. Here’s the progress after about 2 weeks:


& here is the original plant:

purple basil 

The new home of the propagated purple basil:


When I first introduced its new home a caterpillar came out of nowhere and began eating all of my basil >< so I ripped off the leaf it was perched on and threw it in the grass. Easy fix. 

So these two pictures (above an below) are after the caterpillar incident and some serious growth time.

Looking pretty swell, Basil.


A common theme that I noticed in a couple of Texas gardens was that mint flourishes with ease and overtakes the garden. I was totally surprised when I learned about this because of my skimpy mint plant. (Jk it’s still a super beautiful fragrant plant that I love)

But I wish I had that problem. Definitely still working on mint.

I’m currently trying to propagate mint. Began soaking in water on June 19th.

**update – it did not work so I am trying it again


Green Onion


Not too sure what happened to my green onion, maybe there’s too much stuff in there. 

I ended up buying more green onions today, which is only the second time this year I must add 🙂 

So I will be replanting those in a container by themselves.

& here they are! They’ve already begun to grow:


Holy abundance! I have plenty of green onions now, feeling successful 😀



My dad planted some cilantro seed and now we have growth! 



Yay cilantro, what an interesting plant



The cilantro is beginning to become fragrant. Can’t wait!!



 I recently got a beautiful lavender plant 🙂 it smells divine

I’ve tried to propagate this one as well. I’ve already got a tiny root after sitting in water for about a week!


I got a second lavender plant because I love the smell so much but something happened & it’s not lookin too hot




One day, I will have so many tomatoes that I’ll be forced to make a ton of salsa and then I’ll have salsa forever 

I hope!!!


We had to move it inside because of the storm but we only have one so far. Wish I knew more about growing tomatoes in containers.


Fresh tomatoes are out of this world.

I thoroughly enjoyed that 😀

Since picking the first tomato, I crushed egg shells and used my hands to help incorporate them into the dirt. 

Egg shells = calcium

I also made a fertilizer using Epsom salt and water (2 tbs Epsom salt + 1 gallon of water) which I used today June 30th.



When we first got this jalapeño plant it was flowering so beautifully and produced 3 jalapeños total, which I feel should have been a lot more, but it was so nice having some fresh jalapeños on hand. 

I can’t go back to store-bought! It’s just not the same as a fresh, crisp, bright green jalapeño with a super spicy kick. 

I recently read about “topping” your pepper plants, which includes chopping off the top of your plant, but I decided against it since I saw teeny baby flowers. 

I also covered more of the stem with dirt, I read that pepper plants really like to be cozy and tucked into the dirt farther up on the stem than you’d normally assume. 

I don’t know if it worked but those tiny flowers are looking much more prominent as if something is about to happen. 

If anyone has any tips on how to get maximum yield the natural way please let me know!

* update – I did the same as with the tomato plant (crushed eggshells and Epsom salt fertilizer) and now we have a bunch of adorable little flowers that will bloom into beautiful jalapeños.



Bell Pepper Tahini Dressing 




I always forget that I can just blend the vegetables I don’t want to eat into the dressing! If I have tahini, lemon, and garlic, I’m good.

abundance salad  

I sautéed the mushrooms in sunflower oil, curry powder, garlic powder, paprika, salt and pepper. Best combo I’ve tried yet!

abundance salad 

Bell Pepper Tahini Dressing:

1/3 c Tahini

Lemon juice from half of a lemon

2-3 Yellow and orange bell pepper slices 

2 cloves of garlic 


Dash of cayenne pepper

Sea salt 

1. Blend everything in food processor

2. Enjoy!

*note – I should make a mason jar full of this dressing every Sunday night when school starts. 

My abundant salad
: butter lettuce, cucumber, tomato, radish, jalapeño, green onion, curried mushrooms, bell peppers, boiled egg

I love the days I am able to eat a rainbow. I absolutely see a difference from just one meal. It only takes 21 days to make or break a habit…so why not do it now when time seems to be soaring past us. If I could eat a rainbow at least 5 days a week, I’ll be very, very content. 

Vegan butter + strawberry jam

Breakfast, Dips & spreads

I am heavily inspired by @aspoonfulofnature’s beautiful blog and even more beautiful creations! I really like that she keeps her posts short and sweet, no fluff, and straight to the point with clear, simple directions and gorgeous professional photos.

This was so fun to make; cooking the strawberries reminded me of my grandma when she used to make this strawberry sauce for pancakes… hm…

And all I could think about was toast, so I put a slice of my favorite Ezekiel Sesame bread in the toaster and voila!
Nom  nom  nom.


I love that the vegan butter melts just like the real thing.


• 1/4 c soy milk or any plant-based milk
• 3/4 c sunflower oil or olive oil or safflower oil
• 1/2 c melted coconut oil
• Slice of lemon
• Salt to taste

1. Melt coconut oil
2. Blend everything
3. Freeze for 3 hours
*Can refrigerate for up to a month or freeze up to a year

Abundance: Salad + Potatoes + Curried Mushrooms


Today I finally did it. I’ve truly been slacking with my yoga practice. Even more with my meditation.

I caught myself saying:

“I need to…” “I should….”

So, I decided to change those phrases to:

“I will…” “I am….”

I began my day with my all-time favorite class by Kathryn Budig on Yogaglo, called, “Better than Coffee.”

I did this class every morning for an entire semester in Spring of 2013, which was my most successful semester ever! Straight A’s, clean house/bathroom, I even cleaned my car once a week, I juiced everyday, yoga daily – I was on track and I had it all, but life happens and we tend to forget that  having some sort of a routine is crucial to success, in all aspects of this life.

Yes, it’s amazing to switch it up in yoga and to try new things (I’m all about exploring), but when I was doing the same class everyday, I saw true, honest progress in myself, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Yoga truly does align all three of those areas.

I think this is a very important, yet simple, “task” to incorporate into daily life.

I was regulated, in a sense, and my life felt under control.

So today, I decided I’m going to get regulated again, but maintain a steady balance throughout all of the repetition!

After yoga, I felt the Bliss!

2014-12-12 03.41.19

Bliss – perfect happiness; great joy.

It’s been a minute, Bliss.

Yoga was followed by this mindfulness meditation by Peter Renner that I’ve been practicing.

( is free!)

Today was the third time I’ve done it.

I am still learning to shake off the sleepiness, but I felt like I had made progress afterwards. I was definitely more mindful, centered, calm, and focused, which is major for me. I am usually scatter-brained and doing a million things at once, which can become very stressful!

After all of that amazing-ness, I ate a popsicle.

2015-06-08 14.43.19


These popsicles were ridiculously easy to make! You can find out how I made them here if you don’t know already!

And then I made lunch…


Abundance salad + curried mushrooms + cilantro + tea + water

Today’s lunch was delicious! 

– Mixed greens + cucumber + tomato + radish + sugar snap peas

– Tricolored potatoes – boiled, sauteed in grapeseed oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and fresh basil

– Curried mushrooms + purple onions

– Yerba mate

– Lemon + mint water



I love curried mushrooms! I randomly tried to make it one day and found that it is fairly simple! These are not vegan, unless you’ve got ghee or some other butter alternative. So here’s how I made the curried mushrooms using this cashew milk I made yesterday.

Curried mushrooms



Purple onions


1 TBS Butter / vegan butter alternative (ghee?)

Oil – I used grapeseed oil

Cashew milk (any milk will do I’m sure)

Curry powder

Garam Marsala


Garlic Powder

Salt & pepper


1. Drizzle oil in pan on low/medium heat

2. Add ~1/4″ of butter

3. Add spices

4. Add cashew milk and stir

5. Quickly add the mushrooms and purple onions

6. Saute everything for a couple of minutes until the mushrooms are at the tenderness level you like

7. Serve with cilantro, enjoy!